Draw(ing) a ROBOT


The "Draw (ing) a ROBOT" contest is an initiative of the National College "Mihai Viteazul" robotics teamFTC in Ploiesti, Ro2D2, and will take place during the October 1st - November 23, 2019 period.

The awards show which was dedicated to the ”Drawing a Robot” Contest is included in the calendar pertain to the Robotics European Week. On this outstanding occasion, RO2D2 had the choice to both recognize and get to know the children who are passioned with robotics and grafics:

RO2D2 has successfully brought to a close the contest, of course, after selecting the best paintings, according to their scores. Their scores have been established online, as a result of the number of likes they have received while being published on the team's Facebook page.

The Drawing a ROBOT Caravan
Today, some of the members of the Ro2D2 team were the guests of fourth-grade pupils led by Professor Carmina Pintilie from the "Emil Palade" Secondary School in Ploiesti.
Our visit took them by surprise because they did not expect to meet and spend a couple of wonderful moments with us.
It was...

IaryNa and Tea at the Evrika Learning Center...
They talked about the fascinating world of robots, told the kids about the robotics teamFTC Ro2D2 and urged them to dream, design, create and draw the world of tomorrow. The children's work will take part in the Drawing a ROBOT contest.



Today, at the EVRIKA Learning Center, began the robot drawing marathon and the children's creations will be taking part in the competition organized by the Ro2D2 robotics team. The event is part of the calendar of events organized during the European Week of Robotics.