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Secret SANTA


The TIME Capsule

100 years...later! (Debate)

Zeit fur die Jugendlichen - German Language Non-Formal Workshop

"Begone the Raggedy Witches!" (Book Release)

DinoLand - A trip through the astonishing science of dinosaurs

The R(OBOT) era - create, inspire, stimulate! 

To have or not to have FUN - English Language Workshop

ROMANIA - 100 sheets of annual stories...

The Magic of Science - Distraction and Reaction through Experiments

Who's afraid of stories? - A Puppet Show

Culture and Science within no Boundaries - Frech language Workshop

1st of December 2018 - Marathon for reading and creative activities

POV magazine 21 - About Ro2D2 teamFTC

Meet with Generation R(obot)

It's time to get excited about ROBOTS!

The NexT Level of teamwork: working BetweeN teams