RO2D2's outline is, of a verity, far from the accustomed... The team brought into being a project which also encompasses book "transits", creation and entertainment throughout reading, travelling, inspiring the others via famous quotes... Their overall activity delineates the age and the ambitions of a whole generation. 

ro2d2.extravaganza is based on a different, innovative framework, aiming to rather help the members become in a certain better way than accomplish something better... The team has a zest for the "know-how", rather than just for waiting the results... They never feel like being at the end of the rope, as their hearts are always full of hope... Moreover, they never cease to want to discover. All these aims of theirs are concentered, of course, in their strong desire to have fun while working to turn their dreams into reality. 

A project also initiated with the help of the RO2D2's brand is Instagram photo-sharing, also designed by young people in support of the young people... 

A project which is supposed to counterbalance the rigid, mathematical spirit of orthogonal graphs or the robots' inhospitable, metallic looks. 

ro2d2.extravaganza is the intergalactic diplomatic passport to a warm, welcoming world, to a universe of feelings, doubts, uncertainty that is, for sure, not to be found in a universe dominated by PERFECTION of robots.

ro2d2.extravaganza comprises MOTIVATION, EMOTION, IMAGINATION - all these contributing to the fact that the team is, beyond shadow of a doubt, UNIQUE!