SEASON DIARY SkyStone 2019-2020


Ro2D2 team becomes our FAMILY, the PARENTS become our best FANS, the HUB becomes our HOME, and the ROBOTICS becomes our LIFE. This is Ro2D2 teamFTC!

We built monuments to spark the curiosity! We built robots to catch the dreams! We launched rockets to believe that we can fly! We tasted the colors of fruit and vegetable to discover the health's power! Together is our favorite place to be!

We each have a role to play in taking care of this amazing planet and preserving its beauty. Small actions may seem insignificant when we look at the massive scale of environmental problems. But when small actions are repeated and done by a million different people, it is no longer a small action, its massive movement. There are so many...

Time to play! Roboticists need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury! Play is a necessity!

Dream big


"She dreams in shades of blue..." by our teammate Daria Gabriela Dicu

Today is about OUR CULTURE: The story of Ro2D2 team FTC begins like a community of interests, that of a group of students united by a shared passion for making things happen. In Ro2D2 team, teammates are dedicated to making a meaningful contribution today and consistently working to forge a better tomorrow. Our story continues with people who dream...

Today is about CODING: Coding is our CARDIO! Driving a robot is no simple task. Use geometry, math, encoders and loops to see how we can accurately navigate our robot and end the missions. Driving the robot around is great. Sensing what's around it and reacting to it is even better.