24 Hours of STEM


Robotics incorporates STEM fields and it is a key tool to excel in various fields of education. Before we got into the interactive part of our stream, we spoke about our team and how STEM education can be used to make the difference.

Our FIRST mission is to inspire the children, because while they might only represent a small part of our population, they represent 100% of our future. Children are big technology consumers and the best teaching method out there is by playing games. That's why, given the age of our target audience (age 6 to 10), we proposed a way to gather their attention and help them learn how to code using games - " Time to SCRATCH our creativity"

All the projects featured in the @24hoursofstem livestream can be found in our bio. You can play or use it for teaching the fundamentals of programming.

We would like to thank the amazing people who made this whole event possible for having us and offering us this wonderful opportunity: promote STEM education and show our activities.