About project Ro2D2 ACADEMY


The Ro2D2 ACADEMY aims to bring groups of children together during summer holidays to engage in open studies and group work under Ro2D2 Leadership. During a period of twelve weesk the children deepen their knowledge about 3D design with #SolidWorks Apps for Kids, coding with the C++ program language and the construction of robots. One of the unique characteristics of Ro2D2 Academy events are the tight bonds formed between participants, due to the enviroment of sharing and deep, focused learning.

The Ro2D2 ACADEMY program 2018-2019 is Draw(ing) a ROBOT.

7 reasons to support STEM education as part of Ro2D2 ACADEMY program:

Daria Savu: STEM education helps children to better understand what surrounds them, while providing practical and reality-linked experiences.

David-Nicholas Canțăr-Gogitidze: This project provides all the nowadays needed skills: digital literacy, creative thinking, high productivity through communication.

Cristian Petria: STEM education brings together everything which an be related to everyday life.

Spiru Andrei: Getting in touch as soon as possible with STEM is crucial for successful education. Hands-on activities are more than useful when it comes to scientific experiments.

Stefan Taga: Children who are passionate about technologies and science present an invaluable potential for the future.

Tudor Moldoveanu: As, in Romania, STEM education is unvailable in schools, our initiative is unique.

Andrei Ștefan: STEM education promotes autonomous learning and communication, develops hands-on activities, while pushing students to cooperate.