Caravana Everygirl


Smart Everything Everywhere, supported by The Low Countries Embassy in Romania, continues the "Caravana Everygirl" project, a national campaign that promotes the 3digital field among girls and women.

During the Meet-up events organised in the project there are debates on what are the reasons for a girl/woman to choose a career in technological fields, the challenges that this choice brings starting from the fact that there are more man working in these areas - which are not the first option for a girl when planning her future career.

At the same time, during an event, the opportunities brought up by the technology for different social issues (domestic violence, discrimination, sexual education, social anxiety, gender equality) and numerous interactive discussions are held with success life-models who share examples of good ways to act: successful women, leaders from different fields who will share their experience, including aspects such as jobs of the future and the need of career flexibility.

The first stop of "Caravana Everygirl" was held today at Ploiești.

Our teammate, Daria Savu, participated actively at this event!
Thank you, Ms. Gabriela Ivan and Natie prin Educatie for the invitation!