Club ROBOTIQUE at the Culture Palace


Club ROBOTIQUE: Boosting Child's STEM Skills With Robotics. Why Robotics? Robots have always been a captivating piece of technology, programmable to move, to make noise, to light up, and to follow instructions as directed. There is nothing quite as fun - and educational - as building one's own robot and setting it through the paces of a race, an activity or a challenge.

Education must inspire, provide practical knowledge and give place to the imagination. With us, the participants will put into practice multiple skills of computational thinking, such as: decomposition, generalization, algorithmic thinking, evaluation and abstraction. This workshop is dedicated to students in grades I-VIII, both urban and rural, in Prahova county, unfamiliar with the digital environment. The organizers and facilitators are members of the Ro2D2 robotics team. In a cheerful and very warm atmosphere, each student will participate in the following sections: - presentation of the Micro: bit kit - a small computer that is fantastic for introducing beginners to coding and electronics; - Initiation in working with Micro: bit software and the creation of software modules; - checking the programs and by installing and running them using microbites.