Draw(ing) a Robot - The very expected... AWARDS SHOW!


The awards show which was dedicated to the ”Drawing a Robot” Contest is included in the calendar pertain to the Robotics European Week. On this outstanding occasion, RO2D2 had the choice to both recognize and get to know the children who are passioned with robotics and grafics:

  • DIANA DOBRE - 1st Prize, 8-13 years old
  • ANA-MARIA COSMINA GHEORGHE - 1st prize, 14-18 years old
  • AIDA MARIA CACHIT - 2nd prize, 8-13 years old
  • ANA MARIA GICA - 2nd prize, 14-18 years old
  • ALEXANDRA MARIA GICA - 3rd prize, 8-13 years old
  • BIANCA PAULA BAICU - 3rd prize, 14-18 years old
  • VLAD MATEI ȘTEFAN, 7 years old - Special Prize - The Youngest Participant
  • DARIA LĂZĂROIU, 10 years old - Ro2D2 Prize

A new challenge has now rolled out: the addition of a third dimension to their drawings, aided by 3d Projection, using SolidWork Apps for Kids.

What, at first, seemed to be the end of the contest, turned out to be its new beginning. The children were so enthusiastic and dedicated to the mission of the competition, that RO2D2 could but transform their project into a much longer one.

The members of RO2D2 have already begun to focus more on mentorship, more exactly, on promoting robotics and its values among the youngest children of our community.