Draw(ing) a ROBOT


The "Draw(ing) a ROBOT" contest is an initiative of the National College "Mihai Viteazul" robotics FTC team in Ploiesti, Ro2D2, and will take place during the October 1st - November 23, 2019 period.

About the contest ...
The competition aims to increase the interest of children and youngsters in robotics, stimulating their creativity and motivating them to pursue a career in this field, to work in research and creation centers, in innovation Hubs.

The goal of this contest is to popularize robotics by providing materials related to the history of robotics and news in the field of mechatronics.

It is a drawings/collages and 3D design contest that stimulates creativity, develops 3D design skills, as the participants have the opportunity to practice their English/French and enter the fascinating world of robotics.

The contest will be thematically integrated into the timetable of actions dedicated to the European Week of Robotics (www.eu-robotics.net/robotics_week) during the 14-25 November 2019 period.

The European Week of Robotics is an initiative that takes place in November each year.

The rules can be found on https://www.ro2d2team.com/l/contest-rules-2019/