MISSION: On the KRONDIKE exoplanet, a gold ore was discovered. For the research of this new material, a rover was sent, Ro2D2, on an exploration mission for the collection of this mineral. The Ro2D2 rover identifies and separates the valuable mineral (yellow cube) from gangue (white sphere). At the end of each stage of separation, the rover sends a signal to the mother ship, by placing a marker in a mapped perimeter, in the proximity of the place the mission is carried out and which is supervised by the control center. On its way, the rover follows a route that avoids the rugged relief (craters, massive rocks, planetary dunes). After transmitting the signal, (placing of the marker), the rover receives the order to continue the mission, returning to the initial position. For the operation to be effective, each stage of identification and separation must take place within 30 seconds.

GAME RULES: The program realizes the autonomous movement of the robot on the predefined route. The robot starts from a fixed point, which also represents the final point of the mission and it has to go on a predefined route. It approaches three minerals (1 yellow cube and 2 white spheres) which are placed evenly apart from one another, having the mission to identify "the yellow mineral" and move it without touching it/ move the white spheres. The robot continues its movement towards the mapped perimeter where it has to deliver the rod in the delimited area. The mission continues with the return of the robot at the starting point, in the initial position, so that at a new command it could resume the mission. The execution time of the mission is 30 seconds.