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Thank you for the inviting Anelisa Moldoveanu, Marketing Manager Volkswagen Romania!

Thank you for this opportunity, Gabriela Ivan and Natie prin Educatie!

Thank you for this ELECTRIC EVENT, Volkswagen Romania!

We love being in the presence of inspiring people. They seem to radiate something which does awaken the best part of us. They challenge our thinking, they make us question our paradigm and inspire us to be the best we can be. A meeting with someone who is truly inspirational can change our life forever.

We met Cornel Amariei.

Cornel Amariei is a Romanian Inventor, Author and Entrepreneur, currently operating as Head of Innovation at Continental. There, he leads Research projects aimed to create the products which enhance the mobility of tomorrow. Ranging from electric mobility, smart sensors, autonomous driving and connectivity. Besides Continental, Cornel is the inventor of .lumen, a system aimed to restore spatial awareness to the blind. He is recognized by JCI as one of the 10 Outstanding Young Persons of the World and as one of the most influential 10 people under 30 in Europe by Forbes USA.

During the time he lives, a man can inspire the world. Or he can be liked by all. Cornel Amariei gets to do both.

What do we understand when we meet such people?

Life is a journey. It's up to us where this journey is taking us. Do we take the easy road? Or are we up for a challenge? A challenge which can take us well beyond what we thought was possible. It's a challenge to follow our passions in life; our purpose for existence. It's a choice between being content with an average life, or a conscious choice for personal excellence; to reach our full potential. It's a challenge to awaken our true self, our authentic self.