MISSION: The city of GREENDREAM is famous all over the world as the only city where garbage is fully recycled with the help of the ROBOcycle robots. These robots perform the automatic selection of the household waste, managing to separate paper, metal, plastic and glass in specialized containers. The mission consists of the selective selection of objects, according to their color, followed by their transportation into the allocated and delimited sectors. ROBOcycle was built using the components of the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit, following the three stages:

  • BUILDING OF THE ROBOT: The mobile platform of the robot uses 2 engines and the LEGO controller, movement being accomplished on 2 wheels and a Roller Ball Caster; the arms are driven by an average motor; the robot also has 2 color sensors and a gyroscope, which ensures the precise movement in coordinates, using the LINE-TRACKING technology.
  • PROGRAMMING OF THE ROBOT: Programming was made with the help of the preset programming blocks or the blocks programmed by the team: •GREEN = ACTION BLOCKS; •ORANGE = FLOW BLOCKS; •YELLOW = SENSOR BLOCKS; •RED = DATA OPERATION BLOCKS; •DARK BLUE = ADVANCED BLOCKS; •LIGHT BLUE = MY BLOCKS

  • MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT: The robot follows the path of the black line, until the intersection with another color; at the intersection it rotates with 90 degrees, collects the block and depending on its color, it moves in order to place the block in the selected and delimitated area for the respective color; the mission is carried out according to the program which was downloaded from the computer, via Bluetooth, in the EV3 brick.