Robotics Day #6


The Robotics Day is a part of the Ro2D2's educational initiative.

Robotics is a combination of different technical fields such as mechanics and electronics including the programming activities as well. Robotics is a popular, interesting and effective way for introducing children to important areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths curricula (STEM education).

Our robot enables users to discover exciting topics such as movement, navigation, coordination, grasping, audio and video processing, cognition and recognition, and many others. Robotics promotes the development of systems thinking, problem solving, self-control, and teamwork skills.

Our mobile robot or R2-D2 robot toys can be used as a motivating and interesting tools to study machine design and construction, software, as well as communication systems.
The Robotics Day has two major goals: to introduce the exciting world of robotics and to bring together the children around robotics.

This project includes organizing the Robotics Day in schools, to run from morning before afternoon, to be near and together with many children, to inspire.