Secondary School ”Grigore Moisil” 1st class - Ploiești


Robotics is a teaching tool for STEM education.

Robotics provides a microcosm of technologies that supports STEM education. In addition to being fun, robots engage the children and incorporate many of the fundamental STEM concepts providing a learning platform that children enjoy.
Today, our team visited the first grade students from "Grigore Moisil" Secondary School. Their teacher Alina Nica offered us the opportunity to share our knowledge with her students.
Along with us was Sebastian Petre, 6 years old, the youngest member of our team. Miss Lisa Vernet and Miss Lena Andre- Feyte from L'ASSOCIATION La BETA-PI from France also enjoyed their time together with us.
What an amazing day!

We shared our passion for design with the next generation of designers: the first grade students from "Grigore Moisil" Secondary School, class teacher Alina Nica!
For children ages 4-14 who want to create and make things and have fun while learning the concepts of 3D design and engineering. SOLIDWORKS® Apps for Kids is an ecosystem of apps designed to inspire and educate. The apps break down the design and engineering process into bite-sized tools to create, style, design and engineer a concept and then present and share it with others.
If kids can dream it, they can create it. Apps for Kids inspires young thinkers to turn their wildest creations into reality. 

SEBASTIAN ANDREI PETRE is a six-years-old kid who knows how to build and program his own personal talking, interactive robot friend. Frankie the CAT from LEGO® BOOST is a purring, harmonica-playing cyber-cat that loves fish bones and his milk bottle. He wriggles, he complains, and he just LOVES being stroked. Just don't pick him up by the tail!
Sebastian is Ro2D2's #1 fan and our best friend. He doesn't know how to read yet, but he builds and programs robots. We invited him to shared his passion for robotics with the first grade students from "Grigore Moisil" Secondary School, class teacher Alina Nica!
The LEGO Boost is, by far, the best robot kit for preliterate children- it turns programming into a game.The code blocks all use icons, and the menus are picture-driven too; an animation of a pointing finger shows you exactly what to do.
SEBI, you are THE BEST!!!! 💙💜💙💜💙

The first grade students took our robot for a spin.

They learned that they are, and will always be, the master of the robot they will maybe work or live with. We can always unplug our robot. Terminator is a science fiction movie (well they don't even know that movie).

They learned that a robot is as smart as the software developer who pushed the code inside it.

They learned that when you have controlled a single robot, you kind of have controlled every robot. "Roboticist once, roboticist forever."

The children played with the little Sphero R2-D2 robot.

He ziped around the classroom under his own power or under the control of the app, and it was fun getting him to play with children.

His movement is so smooth and his pre-programmed reaction moments are so true to the movie that it's hard to look at other R2-D2 toys after you get used to playing with this one.

Robot toys - playtime is learning time.

The Robotics Day is a part of the Ro2D2's educational initiative.

Robotics is a combination of different technical fields such as mechanics and electronics including the programming activities as well. Robotics is a popular, interesting and effective way for introducing children to important areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths curricula (STEM education).

Our robot enables users to discover exciting topics such as movement, navigation, coordination, grasping, audio and video processing, cognition and recognition, and many others. Robotics promotes the development of systems thinking, problem solving, self-control, and teamwork skills.

Our mobile robot or R2-D2 robot toys can be used as a motivating and interesting tools to study machine design and construction, software, as well as communication systems.
The Robotics Day has two major goals: to introduce the exciting world of robotics and to bring together the children around robotics.

This project includes organizing the Robotics Day in schools, to run from morning before afternoon, to be near and together with many children, to inspire.