The Draw(ing) a ROBOT Caravan - Bouncing between its impact, results and perspectives


On the occasion of this final event, RO2D2 Team has summed up all the impact of the contest, while exhibiting the winners' paintings within the Programming Teachers' Local Meeting. The way the team's contest was received and valued by the public and, of course, by its participants have brought it about as a LONG-TERM, SUCCESSFUL project.

Draw(ing) a ROBOT is among the key-activities RO2D2 has ever put into practice, as it is the one which opens the door to MENTORSHIP - one of the team's intrinsical values.

Most of the group's members do not cease to follow the way through the inestimable purpose of mentorship, Draw(ing) a Robot being only the beginning of many advisership endeavours in the field of programming and, of course, robotics.

The team has just driven-away a project regarding the procurement of a LEGO Robotics KIT which is supposed to prove helpful during the future activities with the youngest admirers of robotics.