The Draw(ing) a ROBOT Caravan - the "Emil Palade" Secondary School in Ploiesti


The Drawing a ROBOT Caravan
Today, some of the members of the Ro2D2 team were the guests of fourth-grade pupils led by Professor Carmina Pintilie from the "Emil Palade" Secondary School in Ploiesti.
Our visit took them by surprise because they did not expect to meet and spend a couple of wonderful moments with us.
It was a warm and friendly atmosphere, and at the end we received a round of applause! 😉
We promised to see them again, and show them the robot we built.
We invited them to take part in the event organized by our team on November 20th, 2018 and at the workshops dedicated to the 1st of December celebration, which we will run in collaboration with Evrika Learning Center Ploiesti.