Ro2D2 Team

Who we are?

We are a Romanian First Tech Challenge Team, based in Ploiești, that represents "Mihai Viteazul" National College.

What is our goal?

Through game, we are determined to find solutions to the real world problems, building a future for us and the people around us.

Latest news

Feel the Force DEMO 

Baby Yoda asked us to organize a STAR WARS-themed DEMO, and RO2D2 couldn't refuse him!

Therefore, on February 25th we are waiting for you at the Palace of Culture in Ploiesti, where we have prepared the coolest competition. Many more surprises will be announced in the coming days!

You can sign-up on the link below until 16th of February!

Dive into Robotics

Together with the children of "Radu Tudoran" Secondary School in Ploieștiori, and Blejoi, Prahova County, we reminded ourselves how important to gain life experience is, how precious the FIRST values are for our generation and we hope that these children will be the future leaders of FTC robotics teams 🤖