Who we are

We are a Romanian First Tech Challenge Team, based in Ploiești, that represents "Mihai Viteazul" National College, established in 2018, with 14 members and 6 volunteers.

Our goal

Through game, we are determined to find solutions to the real world problems, building a future for us and the people around us.



Redirect 3.5% of your incomIe tax to Pay It Forward RO2D2, a non-governmental organization promoting STEM education and robotics among youth.

The financial support is very important for the purchase of the robot parts, game elements and to fund the team's competitive season in the FTC Romania competition, organized by Nație Prin Educație.

Fill in, sign and send the 230 form to our team's e-mail address and we will continue the submission to ANAF.


Maryland Tech Invitational 2023

We had the great honor of being invited to the prestigious, MTI competition in Laurel, Maryland on June 23-25, 2023 at John Hopkins University. On the first day of the competition we received the visit of Mrs. Cristina Monica Kassai, 3rd Secretary of the Romanian Embassy to the USA. During the 3 days of competition, our robot managed to reach the semi-finals, after an excellent course of action for our amazing technical team.

World Championship in Houston

After 4 days at the competition, full of excitement and many multicultural experiences, we are honored to have represented Romania at the World Championship.

We competed against 191 teams from all around the world and our robot was placed on 11th place.

Moreover, our team was nominalized Motivate Award Winner in Jemison Division.

We want to thank our sponsors, families and friends, who have supported us no matter what!

A visit at the Romanian House of Parliament

Our team was invited to join the meetings of the Romanian House of Parliament on 6th of March. It was a great honor to be publicly greeted by the plenary of the Parliament, for the results in the FTC   (FIRST Tech Challenge) National Championship.

We also had the honor to join the meetings of the Technology Committee of the Romanian House of Parliament. We are extremely grateful for the attention offered to us and the opportunity to present the challenges and the next steps towards our goal, the FTC World Championship.

National Championship FTC Romania

At the end of the 3 days of National FTC Championship in Bucharest, we are proud to announce our great accomplishment, Inspire Award 1st Place.

We are ready for the World Championship in Houston, USA, which will take place during 19-22 April, 2023.

Huge thanks to all our sponsors, without whom we couldn't have been here.